James Nachtwey – Photography Gallery

Not sure where I found this link, might have been del.icio.us. James Nachtwey has an online gallery and his images are well worth a look. Be warned that it’s not all roses and honey in his world…

10 thoughts on “James Nachtwey – Photography Gallery

  1. I am trying to find contact information for James Nachtwey to invite him to speak at our University. Any help with a phone number or email address would be appreciated.

  2. I am desperately looking for some email address or phone number of James nachtwey too, and I couldn’t find any on the viiphoto website. I would really need it for a project on photography..
    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  3. I am hoping that someone will pass this to James Nachtwey if they find his email: His photos are so very powerful, please if ever possible, try to provide the names of people photographed, for us the viewers to be able to acknowledge them as individuals in our great world of people. I printed out the image of the South African Man at the refugee center and put it in my kitchen, and also in my cubicle at work. He reminds me so much of my father dying of cancer and that brief, small, view I had into what it is to be alive, to face dying, and that thing about us that makes us want to live no matter what–that photo sums up so much of being human, I just wanted to be able to thank the man in the photo in my thoughts and prayers, as well as thank the photographer.
    Life is so beautiful; that photo caught the sense of it–life, and our struggle to continue no matter what the odds.

  4. I want to know his e-mail adress sincerely. Anyone who know about his e-mail adress
    contact me or e-mail me please. I’m in korea and I’m korean. we wanna contact him,and we want to meet him. We hope to meet him and talk about values he think about and hear about his think about justice.

    Please. e-mail me if you know his e-mail.

    1. Kim Jae Han,
      I am also Korean and would appreciate James’ contact information. Please let me know how I can contact him, as I am working on a book proposal and would like to invite him to be part of the project.


    1. James is actually a very nice and accommodating person. You can’t necessarily blame him for the editing choice and in fact he could have had nothing to do with it. Editors are most often not photographers and do not have the same ethical standards as photographers nor do they view the images in the same way. This could have been entirely the editors choice. We do not see this type of thing in Nachtwey’s other work.

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