Yum, yum, Wagon Wheel Biscuits!

Look, they were on special offer in Dunnes on Sunday so I couldn’t resist. I had to buy them! They were crying out to me! I think almost everyone must remember Wagon Wheels from their youth, and they even made Biscuit of the Week here! Unfortunately, all is not sweet in the production of said biscuits. 🙁
Anyway, biscuits were lovely, not quite the taste I remember from my childhood but enough to tempt me to buy again 🙂
Now, if I could only find Fizzlesticks I’d be really happy!

By Donncha

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2 replies on “Yum, yum, Wagon Wheel Biscuits!”

I have a complaint to make about wagon Wheels.
Iv been eating them for years and i have noticed in the last year or so that you have drastically cut down on the marshmallow you put in it. Also you barely put any jam in the JAMMY wagon wheels.
This is an absolute disgrace ! Stop undercutting the buying public
and put proper fillings in wagon wheels!

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