What does Battlefield 3 look like?

You’ve already seen this video but I had to blog it just because I posted videos of BF2 the other day. It looks amazing doesn’t it? Can’t wait! Check out this article too which covers the demo shown to people last night at GDC. (Thanks Swordsman75 for tweeting that article!) […]


What does Battlefield 2 look like?

Battlefield 3 is coming out in about half a year but many players have never seen or played the previous game. Battlefield 2 came out in 2005 so graphics are nowhere near as sophisticated as in today’s games. What surprised me is just how dated Karkand looks. All simple textures […]


Bravo 2 Company FTW!

Paul posted the launch video for a new Battlefield clan, Bravo 2 Company, I’ve joined him in the clan and next time I fire up Bad Company 2 I’m changing my clan tag to B2C. Haven’t played an FPS in ages though, I’ve been too engrossed (and exhausted in the […]


Battlefield 3 has extra pre-order content

As seen here, in the Community Press Room, here in various other places this morning. This was one of the Battlefield 3 images released yesterday but someone modified the filename slightly and got this image which includes the following information: The Battlefield 3 Limited Edition includes pack Battlefield 3: Back […]


Bad Company 2 “Bomb the Bass” edition

Fun on MCOM stations with Duck, Sulley and Tye! Soundtrack from Xenon 2 Megablast by Bomb the Bass. The game was well received, I thought it was only ok, but the theme tune was brilliant! Edit: if you can’t view the video above, here it is in all it’s glory!


The Battlefield Vietnam Pack

The postman delivered a small package this morning from Sweden. It was the Battlefield Vietnam Pack I won on Monday! The kit includes a compass marked “ENGINEER DIRECTIONAL COMPASS”, a multi tool, torch and AAA batteries, all in a medal tin. The compass and torch are made of plastic, but […]


I won the Bad Company 2 Vietnam Pack

Such a nice way to start a Monday morning, especially as I’m going to a funeral shortly I needed something to brighten the day. I received a DM on Twitter from zh1nt0 this morning with the good news that I had won this little box of goodies! I hardly ever […]


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

The Guardian Technology Games Blog reviewed Battlefield Bad Company 2 a few hours ago. The review is in my feedreader but not on the site. Odd. Anyway, they gave it the thumbs up with a score of 4/5. Compared to Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has skulked into […]

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