What does Battlefield 2 look like?

Battlefield 3 is coming out in about half a year but many players have never seen or played the previous game. Battlefield 2 came out in 2005 so graphics are nowhere near as sophisticated as in today’s games. What surprised me is just how dated Karkand looks. All simple textures with wide open uniform spaces. The Dalian Plant map looks quite nice however.

Medic montage on Strike at Karkand

More medic gameplay on in Karkand

BF2 – Dalian Plant ownage

While “researching” this post (aka “watching gameplay videos on Youtube”) it struck me how sophisticated the Xbox 360 and PS3 were on release. Even on max settings the graphics in Battlefield 2 are nothing special by today’s standards yet the exact same console hardware is running Bad Company 2!

Strike at Karkand will appear again in Battlefield 3 so get a head start by playing it in BF2 or watching some of the gameplay videos on that map on Youtube!