Bravo 2 Company FTW!

Paul posted the launch video for a new Battlefield clan, Bravo 2 Company, I’ve joined him in the clan and next time I fire up Bad Company 2 I’m changing my clan tag to B2C. Haven’t played an FPS in ages though, I’ve been too engrossed (and exhausted in the evenings) in Minecraft.

Check out the clan homepage where you can register and join up if the want!

2 thoughts on “Bravo 2 Company FTW!

  1. I’ll do my best to represent the qualities of the clan, but, as you know, I don’t play BC2 very much. It’s an awesome game (I even dreamt about playing Rush in real life last night), but my “real-life” friend feels like he’ll never leave his tv if he starts playing Blops AND BC2 -even though he vocalizes his frustration with Blops every time we play. :-/

  2. Woohooooo thanks for the support Donncha and posting this. Some exciting times ahead I feel although of course to get excited YOU NEED TO PLAY!!!!!!

    Hope to see you on the battlefield real soon mate 😉

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