I won the Bad Company 2 Vietnam Pack

Such a nice way to start a Monday morning, especially as I’m going to a funeral shortly I needed something to brighten the day.

I received a DM on Twitter from zh1nt0 this morning with the good news that I had won this little box of goodies! I hardly ever enter those “RT and win” competitions but it’s Battlefield so I had to, and glad I did now. Thanks DICE!

It’ll arrive later this week, and I’ll have an unboxing up here when I get my hands on it!

0 thoughts on “I won the Bad Company 2 Vietnam Pack

  1. I would shout abuse at you with me being jealous but that would be soooo childish, maybe I’ll try and get your dog tags sometime. Nah seriously, congrats on the win! What a great way to start a Monday.

  2. Looks like a compass, multi-tool, a flashlight and something else? what are all the contents? Congrats.

    I don’t smoke, but I wouldn’t mind one of those achievement lighters from the BFBC2 blog.

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