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Dinner in Aroma

Just a quick note at the end of the night. My sister took care of Adam (thank you so much Mairead!) while Jacinta and I went out for a fabulous meal in Aroma on Emmett Place in Cork. It’s a Thai/Chinese/Malaysian restaurant and I’ve never been disappointed when I eat there. In fact we’ve brought lots of visitors there, including Matt if memory serves.

The Thai fish cakes are scrumptious, and I ordered the a beef dish with a Malaysian curry sauce. The meat practically melted in my mouth and the curry was nice and spicy. It can be quite busy but we arrived early at 8pm when only a few tables were taken. Service is great with attentive staff. Compared to other restaurants in Cork, prices for an evening meal are reasonable.

We’re definitely going back!


Perfect Parking in Blarney

I should blog this at Shite Drivers but this was too good to give up. Sorry Niall!

Perfect Parking in Blarney

What you don’t see is the old SUV (probably new when such vehicles were called 4x4s) that swerved across the road in front of me to block 3 parked cars. The elderly driver waited in the vehicle all the time I was walking about there. I parked across the road by AIB because of the stellar parking of the car above. Good thing most of the tourists are gone home now!

Edit: this is how they should have parked!

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Charity photography exhibit starts today

If you’re not subscribed to my photoblog, In Photos dot org, you might have missed the announcement about the exhibit. Mallow Camera Club (no, we don’t take photos of candy, cookies or biscuits, Mallow is a town a few miles from here!) will be exhibiting a number of photos in Mallow Town Library for three weeks starting today.

One of the Club’s members, Sean Riordan, is heading out to South Africa shortly as part of a group from the Niall Mellon Township Trust helping to build homes for the poor in that country. All the photos on exhibit will be for sale with all profits going to help fund Sean’s trip and the good work he’ll do in November.

Your one week’s hard work will change the lives of generations of some of the poorest families in the world. Over 200 families will move from a one roomed shack measuring 3m x 3m to a house with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Most importantly, these houses will have running water, electricity, and sanitation – facilities we take for granted in our everyday lives.


One of my photos, this one of Brendan O’Carroll outside the Opera House in Cork will be on show and for purchase too. It’s not exactly like the one shown here. It’s a portrait with a tighter crop and better. I’ll be there tonight at 6pm to see how things go. If it’s bought while I’m still around, I’ll sign my photo for you. You never know, it might be valuable in years to come!

So, here’s me asking for everyone to give this a plug, especially if you live in Cork or some of your readers live in the locality. Come on Donal, Ryan, Tom, Damien, Adam, Gamma Goblin, Conor, Will, Mel, Haydn, Mark and everyone on Cork Blogs .. Giz a link and a plug, please! 🙂

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Waterloo Renewal Fundraiser


Originally I thought we might head to Youghal tomorrow but someone called to the door a few days ago selling raffle tickets to support renewal of the local area. It’s organised by “Waterloo Renewal Group” who have great plans for the local river area and walk. There will be a BBQ at the Waterloo Inn so it looks like we won’t be going far from home on Sunday!


Around Ireland in 80 links on July 18th 2007

  • Anthony found Pixar’s new short cartoon, Lifted. It’s quite fun!
  • I’m amazed that Drogheda Library wouldn’t let a student charge his laptop. “Doing a ryanair on it” alright!
  • Kathy Foley’s festival of mud and horrors tries to understand the fuss over Oxegen. I stay well clear of RTE these days so I missed the hype, but I have to agree with her about the mud .. WHY?
  • Justin wants the vigilantes to stop polluting the phisher’s sites. It makes it harder for investigators to find the real victims.
  • Granny Mar posted a few days ago about July 12th in the North. That’s one hell of a tall pile of tires! Can you imagine the black oily smoke off that heap of rubber? Her daughter Elly was in touch asking if someone could help move her mom’s blog from Blogspot to a shiny new WordPress install. I have my hands full but perhaps some kind soul could get in touch, please?
  • Paul is plugging new “Internet nanny” service Glubble. The Techcrunch write up is fairly positive, but I can just see Adam with a Linux boot disk in a couple of year’s time bypassing all my carefully constructed whitelists to check out the dark side.
  • My Harry Potter post is getting an insane number of hits today. Looks like lots of people looking for the online version!
  • Finally, it’s not Irish news, but Joseph has blogged about the and Facebook integration! Barry blogged about keeping track of the 300 servers Automattic use, and I have to add that if you use any of the premium products on you might see a renewal notice in your Dashboard when your subscription runs out…

I did the online check-in thing this morning and I have an aisle seat. Mark is sitting across the aisle so we both have room to sort-of stretch our legs on the long journey to San Francisco tomorrow!

PS. so nobody wants WordPress stickers? Read my WordCamp post below to find out how you might be able to get a few ..

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 13th 2007

Unlucky 13? Oooer!

  • What would you like to know about me? Apparently a company in Dublin is selling private information.
  • Paul’s friend was dumped over Facebook when his ex-girlfriend changed her status to “single” and “up for it”. Paul, that was mean to laugh! 🙂
  • I would love to see the referers to this post when it makes it’s way into Google. I’m sure Grandad will oblige in a future post.
  • Online photo sharing on via Czajkowski. Anyone else tried them?
  • Kae says could be coming soon!
  • Firefox 3 talk by Marcio Galli in Cork on August 8th. What’s in store in version 3?
  • I got my first Facebook invitation. Should I sign up?

Fred the Band played in the Opera House in Cork recently, after a tour of the US where the following video was shot (after the jump). Their first album was great, the second album was so-so being a bit more of the same thing. You can hear a portion of their new single on their website above. They are absolutely brilliant live however. I took photos of them last year in the Spiegeltent. I never did post photos of the crowd surfing …

Way back in March I took photos at the shooting of a music video for Stanley Super 800. Finally, you can see the resulting video for yourself. No, I’m not in the video, I was in the background with my camera! They did a great job of it, and if you’ve been to Cork, watch out for Scotts on Caroline Street, Patrick’s Hill and the alley across from the College of Art on Emmet Place. Great stuff!

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 12th 2007

  • Mark saw the new Transformers movie and was less than impressed. Say it aint so Mark!
  • Alkos continues to impress with today’s image. Wow.
  • The Irish invented the potato smoothie?
  • It’s not pretty but it is wet and muddy, and God knows why anyone would tramp about in a muddy field, but don’t let me put you off going to Oxegen, Anthony does a good job of it! 🙂
  • Justin notes that the common pint could cause trouble for an inebriated person texting a friend .. “r u going 4 a riot”? Then again, a “shot” of beer would be a lot less harmful.
  • Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear I found a spam blog on thanks to this post 🙂

Around Ireland in 80 links on July 11th 2007

I still don’t know what to call these posts, but thanks to Niall, Michele and Robert for the suggestions.

  • The handyman came to fix a broken door but got a lot more than he was expecting when he called to Flirty’s apartment.
  • The Ireland tag on is a great source of Irish news. Some people question if Bono or Colin Farrell are Irish at all? Have they not seen the episode of Scrubs below? Meanwhile, does the British Army admit defeat against the IRA?
  • Donal has some good photos of Earthrace while it was (is?) docked in Cork. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to pop in for a look.
  • The 7 wonders of the Irish World by the Swearing Lady.
  • Check out Damien’s Fluffy links and Niall’s Crunchy links for more speed linking goodness.
  • If you made it this far and you’re asking, “how do I get into these link posts?” If you’re Irish (come into the parlour… ) or you live in Ireland and you blog, leave a comment or blog something of mine and trackback it and chances are I’ll add you to my feedreader. Then write interesting and/or quirky stuff! 🙂

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 9th 2007

Well, 80 or so links. Maybe a little less.

  • What a ferocious looking cat you have there Claire!
  • Ryan tagged me for 8 things you don’t know about me, but I already did the 5 things and you really don’t want to know more about me do you?
  • Ruairi discovered a silly AIB phishing site. I really really hope nobody fell for this.
  • Haydn introduces Scott Kildall, one of the artists featured at his gallery. Call you shortly Haydn about my images!
  • Eoin explores why “nothing to hide” really isn’t a good excuse for a lack of privacy.
  • Tom is having water problems in Cobh and posted a video of it. The same happens here on occasion, but Frank’s explanation sounds the most plausible.
  • And finally, despite how it may have looked, we had a few caching problems this evening which were quickly fixed. Thanks Twenty for the email and screenshot.

Yes, I still haven’t decided what to call these posts, but I really would like to help expose some (well known, and not so well known) Irish blogs to a wider audience. So, if you have a quirky name for a collection of links to Irish posts I’d like to hear it. Best one wins a link of gratitude in the next post!


the bogosphere snapshot on July 6th 2007

  • Gomaith have their own definition of fettish. In a pub of course.
  • Phil has some great photos from a few gigs held during the week.
  • Eoin wants some attention given to Gaelscoil Cluain Meala.

    … at present they are located in a victorian building previously used by South Tipperary County Council Engineering deptartment and deemed by them to be unsuitable for employees to work in so they rent it to the Gaelscoil …

    It’s a familiar story to anyone involved in primary school education unfortunately.

  • Turly says Guinness workers are leading opposition within the trade union movement to mandatory alcohol testing in the workplace. Hic!
  • Donal wants you to go to the Unitarian Church on Sunday night for Máirtin de Cógáin’s one-man show. The first night was sold out the first night so get there early!
  • Both The Swearing Lady and Grandad comment on our prime minister’s suggestion that the naysayers should commit suicide. Bloody stupid and grossly insensitive thing to say.
  • I knew I had forgotten a few blogs. Treasa has two photos in the Aer Lingus inflight magazine. I’m flying to London in a few weeks time, possibly with them so I’ll look out for the pics!
  • Richard rips apart the Independent’s website and discovers some silly JS redirects.
  • Robert can be glimpsed in the beach scene of Saving Private Ryan.

    I was one of 6 out of 300 that got picked for special placements around set because apparently I look like an intelligent American. If you look closely about 30 mins in after the battle you can see me albeit briefly.

There you go, more to come from Irish blogs next week.