Perfect Parking in Blarney

I should blog this at Shite Drivers but this was too good to give up. Sorry Niall!

Perfect Parking in Blarney

What you don’t see is the old SUV (probably new when such vehicles were called 4x4s) that swerved across the road in front of me to block 3 parked cars. The elderly driver waited in the vehicle all the time I was walking about there. I parked across the road by AIB because of the stellar parking of the car above. Good thing most of the tourists are gone home now!

Edit: this is how they should have parked!

7 thoughts on “Perfect Parking in Blarney

  1. You don’t know if his parking like that was cause or effect. By that I mean, you don’t know if they actually squeezed between to cars, and their parking was the effect of someone else parking awkwardly.

    In all likelihood that isn’t the case, they are a “shite driver” πŸ˜‰

  2. I can’t believe you people! Ok, so its a little to the left but its on the line! Look at those other 2 cars, they are so typical of ignorent parking in Ireland. So many people plead ignorence to the fact that the white lines are there to centre your car over. Thats how youre meant to park! I find this all over Ireland. I think I’ll set up a website to highlight correct parking procedure.

  3. ha, if only you could make out the number plate. Name and shame.

    I hate drivers who don’t park correctly, like people when they parallel park and just take too much room. By parking in the middle of a double space, instead of keeping to one side or the other.

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