Dinner in Aroma

Just a quick note at the end of the night. My sister took care of Adam (thank you so much Mairead!) while Jacinta and I went out for a fabulous meal in Aroma on Emmett Place in Cork. It’s a Thai/Chinese/Malaysian restaurant and I’ve never been disappointed when I eat there. In fact we’ve brought lots of visitors there, including Matt if memory serves.

The Thai fish cakes are scrumptious, and I ordered the a beef dish with a Malaysian curry sauce. The meat practically melted in my mouth and the curry was nice and spicy. It can be quite busy but we arrived early at 8pm when only a few tables were taken. Service is great with attentive staff. Compared to other restaurants in Cork, prices for an evening meal are reasonable.

We’re definitely going back!

6 thoughts on “Dinner in Aroma

  1. Great Donncha ! The only Thai place I know in Cork in Bananthai , but I’ve heard mixed reports. I will try and check this out the next time I am home (November).

  2. Went to Aroma on Saturday… very salty, kind of “takeaway” fare, which suits me fine. I would sooner go to one of the other Chinese or Thai restaurants around the place, Tung Sing or Banna Thai. Derek – there are a few Ruen Thai places around, there’s one near me in Tower, and it is nice, but not quite as nice as Banna Thai in my opinion.

    For Asian Fusion, my favourite in Cork is probably “Blue Ginger” in Wilton.

  3. Went there on Friday with a group of 11 people and they took great care of us. The food was tasty enough, we orders some of menus and it worked out pretty reasonable. If anyone is looking to find it , it’s above Pine Pitch !

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