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Far too much Bertie

Bertie Ahern, the Irish prime minister received a pay increase of €38,000 a few weeks ago. Not many people are happy about that. To express your disapproval, send an email to and you’ll be sent a “Far too much Bertie” sticker. 200,000 stickers have been printed so there are plenty to go around!

far too much bertie

Via Indymedia and Kevin Cotter on the Ray D’Arcy Show.

Personally, I’d prefer to see a “Get Mary Harney out!” sticker to get rid of Mary Harney, the Health Minister. Hundreds of more cancer cases in Cork and Galway are to be reviewed. What a shambles.

Update! There’s a lively discussion on! Welcome all from there. Please feel free to comment here too.

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Nob Nation Adverts

Nob Nation or Gift Grub? Which is better? I prefer Gift Grub but I haven’t heard it in ages because of a change in our radio listening habits in the morning due to an early rising baby and slightly frazzled parents..

Anyway, Nob Nation is available as a podcast you can subscribe to, which is just as well. No need to listen to Gerry Ryan prattle on! 🙂
Here’s a recent episode, and one of their better ones. “The Nobs try their hands at making some well-known ads as well as some made-up ones”. Love that Penneys one!
Download the mp3 and enjoy!

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So, how tall is Bono then?

Bono gave a speech at University College Cork about the World Food Prize recently. I’m sure he hoped to make an impression but look at those platform shoes ..

Image by Dannymac. nc

It seems he’s 5′ 7″ (1.70 M) according to Google and IMDB.


Google Maps glimpse into the past

Google update their Maps service on a semi-regular basis but their images of Cork City are hopelessly out of date.

Elysian Building Site
The Elysian Building Site

The Elysian will be a large 17 storey tower with offices, apartments, shopping centre, parking and gardens. It’s been years since that building site looked like it does in the image above!

  1. Elysian building site.
  2. Cork City Hall. (The building work behind that is now complete)
  3. Cork City Fire Brigade HQ
  4. Anglesea Street Garda Station
Patrick Street
Patrick Street, Cork City Centre

They can be forgiven for not having this updated. The large block marked with red has only recently been demolished while superwomen walk past and railing hide the view down by the bottom-right corner of the block.

Nice to have these before pics of the city.

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Ni­ Gaeilgeoir Me

I watched the first two episodes of reality tv show, Ni Gaeilgeoir Me tonight. It’s on every night at 10pm for the rest of the week and I’ll probably tune in.
I do have to admit that I fast-forward through it on the Sky+ because I’m not a reality tv fan, but it’s fun to watch. It does help ma ta cupla focail Gaeilge agat but there are subtitles through the recorded bits to help. The speed dating as Gaeilge was brilliant!

I haven’t a clue what the two teachers are saying. That guy from Ulster is practically incomprehensible to me! The presenter, Aoife Ni Thuairisg, is great and she’s easy to understand however!

I think a special mention has to go out to Jenny Kelly and Jeannette Cronin. The former because I wouldn’t be watching it if the Ray D’Arcy show hadn’t got her on it, and the latter because of her infectious laughter throughout interviews!


Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder

I saw the Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder in Tesco this evening priced at 249 Euro. I was tempted to buy but decided to look up reviews instead. Doesn’t look like a good buy at all! The reviews above are all scathing and negative!


Attic Insulation, Energy Bills and Conservation

One of those things I have to get around to in the next month is insulating the attic. I had a look up there last week and it needs replacing badly – it’s worn away completely in parts! I rang a local hardware store and they quoted me a price of EUR199.89 to cover the approx 56m squared of the attic. I have to check yet if that had a vapour barrier or not.
Here’s a few links for me to come back to soon:

Later… Comment posting was broken for a short period after the last CVS update but it’s working again – thank you to the person who says they have 60cm of insulation, I don’t think Cork/Ireland is cold enough to justify that amount however!
Much Later… The ESB and Bord Gais have very good but brief pages on energy tips. The ESB recommend 6″ of attic insulation, while Bord Gais recommend 4″. I’m going to install 6″ myself!

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5 years ago..

Dermot Morgan died 5 years ago today. I was a huge fan of Scrap Saturday on Radio 1 all those years ago, and I was given the Scrap Saturday CD collection for my birthday in 2002, must have a listen to it again..

Ireland When-in-Ireland

Gardaí prevent summons on Taoiseach

First I laughed at this, but then I though, “wtf! Why right do the police have obstructing a solicitor doing his job? Even if it is to issues a court summons to the prime minister of Ireland! This story has the scoop. (Thanks to Sharrow on IRC for the link)

[Solicitor John Devane] said he intended calling for a bench warrant for the arrest of both Mr Ahern and Mr Smith if they failed to come to the court on 12 June.