Three killed at Dunboy Castle

Three young men were killed today when their car fell into the water at Dunboy Castle just outside Castletownbere in Co Cork.

Investigating gardaí say that the three local young men had been driving in the grounds of Dunboy Castle when their Ford Fiesta got stuck in grass close to a laneway below the castle which is currently being renovated.

Two other friends came to their rescue with a jeep, but for reasons which are not yet clear, all five were in the Fiesta when it slipped from the embankment and into the water.

Sad and shocking as it is, I wouldn’t mention it here except that I drove down there with my family only a week ago. We enjoyed a lovely meal in Castletownbere during which we were told that Dunboy Castle was worth a look. On the way out of the town the castle is signposted so we decided to go look. Here are a few pictures. Judging by the picture on the RTE website I’d say they went into water very close to where I parked a week earlier. That freaks me out a little bit.

Dunboy Castle

Dunboy Castle

Dunboy Castle

7 thoughts on “Three killed at Dunboy Castle

  1. yes it was just there in front of the wreck soo sad the whole town is in mourning = the lads had so much to live for – bless them and their families xxx

  2. I have family living in Castletownbere (they own the Old Bank seafood restaurant). I remember staying there as a kid. The roads just to get into Castletownbere seemed incredibly dangerous – very curvy, and mostly halfway up cliffs. I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.

    My cousins there are Harringtons. I wonder if I’m related in some way. Must contact the family and find out.

  3. Kae – roads around there are sort of bad, but there are roads around Dingle that are much worse. At the posted speed limit most of the roads around Bantry were a doddle, although I will admit I was in no hurry.

    Way up in the hills the road did narrow to a single lane but I never saw anyone while up there, and got some beautiful snaps of Bantry which I hope to upload this week.

  4. i lived on dunboy and saved a young boy a few years ago from drowning while i coulnt swim myself. i c it as a act of Gods mercie and grace

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