Your card has been captured

Irish Credit Unions recently announced that they would be rolling out an ATM system around the country. So far I’ve only seen one ATM. This one is in the Savoy in Cork and it looks like Credit Union members still haven’t got the hang of these pesky ATMs. It swallowed someone’s ATM card! Not a very successful start, eh?

Your card has been captured by the atm

4 thoughts on “Your card has been captured

  1. It happens quite often. I have seen at least two people loose their cards in Atms. When it happened to me it was coz I had been so ill I had forgotten my pin number. I was abroad so it a bit of a challenge. Always best to have a backup card.

  2. Yeah! sometime by willingly or unwillingly it may happen to anyone, it will happen due to some technical problems. So be patient and inform to the bank staff as soon as possible, so that they can block all your transactions,credit card acts as temporary money for you. It allows you to make spending when you are short of cash or if you are uncomfortable in carrying too much cash in your pocket. For more information about credit card and it’s benefits just visit the above listed site.

  3. Donncha, I love what it says on the screen of that ATM “Your card has been captured.” LOL doesn’t “captured” kind of sound like they’re talking about a wild animal instead of an ATM card? Well true they kind of could be considered wild too haha. I actually would love to do a post in my credit card blog with your photo of that ATM screen. Would you mind if I included that photo in a posting along with a linkback to you giving you credit of course?

    I’ll be awaiting your reply. Thanks 🙂


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