So nice to be home

Where is Cork

You know that feeling? The one where you’ve been sitting in an airplane for the past 8 hours and you’re feeling like crap and you can’t wait to get out of a narrow uncomfortable seat in the dark enclosing shell. Yeah, that one.

Then you see place names you recognise on the map in front of you and you realise you’re almost home. Ah bliss.

3 thoughts on “So nice to be home

  1. So true! But the bit that always gets me is when I have to fly over the places near home and on to London, just to catch a flight back – you’d think they would just lemme out of there with a parachute!

  2. Oh yes! I saw Derry appear on the map and I though, how long would it take to get to Cork from there? Sadly I had to wait in Heathrow for another 3 hours for a flight to Cork.

    I did get a nice photo of the London Eye while flying over London so that was some consolation.

  3. Yes, your London eye pic was gorgeous! Except for when George tried to tell me that you had taken it FROM the London eye – I had to open it back up and point out that he was wrong!

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