Lunch in the Long Valley Bar, Cork

We had lunch in the Long Valley Bar a few days ago. This is an old pub on Winthrop Street in the heart of Cork City. It’s a great place to go drinking at night, it’s full of atmosphere and lovely old decor. Unfortunately for lunch it’s only ok. Not that I can judge properly, all we ordered were toasted sandwiches but they weren’t great, and the staff member my wife dealt with was quite grumpy. Are we expecting too much of bar staff these days perhaps?

Anyway, great pub to drink in, but don’t go for the toasted sandwiches! 🙂

toasted sandwich

Here’s a more positive review of the pub, just in case someone tries to lynch me for daring to say a bad word about the dear old Long Valley Bar!

7 thoughts on “Lunch in the Long Valley Bar, Cork

  1. I’m told they’re meant to be grumpy in there. A bit like the Hi B, I suppose. I prefer the Spailin Fanic myself, when I can’t go to a real Irish pub like O’Neills.

  2. Myself and Mags had lunch there last year and I had the egg salad sandwich which was delish but Mag’s chicken sandwich was quite dry. I wonder is Mrs Moynihan the old proprietor still there as she was super grumpy!

  3. Yeah Mrs Moynihan is still around..seen her there before Christmas..not sure if she goes in every day.

  4. The long valley has a poetry night every monday at 8 30 in the Hayloft up stairs.
    It is open to the public. Here is a poem about a frost in the Luberon which I would like someone to recite there for me.


    It was as cold as a dogs nose
    and stiff with the rheumatism
    of nights inactivity.
    Beneath this frosted stratisphere,
    a liquid silence.

    Finbar Owens

  5. The “Toasted special” used to be brillaint! But last time I was back was 5 years ago. I heard they have renovated it …
    The first time I was there I went into the men’s loo and was at the urinal and I felt rain..I looked up and noticed that part of the loo was outside.
    I mentione it to one of my cousin(a tru corkman) and he said he never noticed it!
    Like they say ” a great place for drinking!”

  6. This establishmeny is a shrine in cork ,always was always will b

    Great pub, great grub, if you have nothing good to say say nothing.

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