Sell your soul for a luxury weekend in the country

What would you do for a luxury self catering weekend in the West of Ireland? Would you sell your soul and help launch a Google bomb?

Well, the good people at Glengarrriff Lodge would like you to link to their website with the keywords “Luxury Self Catering” in the link. Do that, and link to someone else who may be interested in the weekend and you’ll be entered in a draw for a weekend at the Lodge worth up to 1175 Euro! Nice eh?

Glengarriff Lodge

Anyway, now that my blog is squeaky clean, I couldn’t possibly consider subverting Google’s search engine. No sirree, but it looks like a gorgeous location so I decided to give it a plug anyway.

Oh, I’ll be in that part of the country in the next few weeks so I might call in and say hi!

10 thoughts on “Sell your soul for a luxury weekend in the country

  1. I wouldn’t bother. Google bombing has been defused for a long time now, and anyway, there are bigger fish to fry. Plenty of blogs still selling links.

  2. I must say, that does look like a pretty nice little vacation spot. It’s kind of sad that they aren’t aware they can get kicked out of Google if Cutt’s team catches on to this little stunt.

    I believe the only modification they would need to make is not to actually require people to use specific terms and not only would they have relieved themselves of jeopardy – but they would also get more links! 🙂


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  4. Hey – how’s it going…….. saw a pic on flickr ‘snow on runway’…..mmm….. I think ‘snow on apron’ might have been more accurate.
    How are things going?


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