Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder

I saw the Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder in Tesco this evening priced at 249 Euro. I was tempted to buy but decided to look up reviews instead. Doesn’t look like a good buy at all! The reviews above are all scathing and negative!


Attic Insulation, Energy Bills and Conservation

One of those things I have to get around to in the next month is insulating the attic. I had a look up there last week and it needs replacing badly – it’s worn away completely in parts! I rang a local hardware store and they quoted me a price […]

Humour , Ireland

5 years ago..

Dermot Morgan died 5 years ago today. I was a huge fan of Scrap Saturday on Radio 1 all those years ago, and I was given the Scrap Saturday CD collection for my birthday in 2002, must have a listen to it again..

Ireland , When-in-Ireland

Gardaí prevent summons on Taoiseach

First I laughed at this, but then I though, “wtf! Why right do the police have obstructing a solicitor doing his job? Even if it is to issues a court summons to the prime minister of Ireland! This story has the scoop. (Thanks to Sharrow on IRC for the link) […]

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