Privacy: Don’t let Gmail show images by default

Recently Gmail started caching all images sent to its users and by default will now display them when you look at your email. At first glance it seems like a good idea. It protects your IP address, stops the sender dropping cookies in your browser and possibly speeds up image […]


Who gets your data after death?

I have to admit that filling in the inactive account settings for my Google account gave me the shivers. There’s not much that would stop me logging into my Google account for more than 3 months. It would have to be one of the following: Trekking through a rainforest pursued […]


A really simple way to archive your Tweets

You have a gmail account don’t you? Visit Google Reader now. Click on the “Add a Subscription” button. Type in the web address of your Twitter profile. Mine is Click Add. There is no #5. Since Google Reader doesn’t have the 3,200 post limit that Twitter has you can […]


Link Exchange Spammers Are Back Again!

Well, the link spammers never really went away did they? Has anyone noticed a huge increase in the number of “link exchange” emails or is it that I’ve been added to a particularly busy spammer’s list? I just noticed that a few recent ones contained the text “emailsnomore(dot)com” so I’m […]

Ireland , When-in-Ireland

A right tool

Scanning Gmail’s spam folder (815 emails after 2 days) is much more entertaining when I remember that all those messages about a longer tool refer to a completely different thing in Cork. Sort of. 9 pages of spam. I need to scan them because Gmail catches an alarming number of […]


gmail: no third-party DSNs

Be careful if you forward email to a gmail account. Gmail doesn’t like receiving mail delivery status notices or reports. This server filled up overnight with tens of thousands of email reports bouncing back and forth between it and gmail. If you emailed me in the last 24 hours and […]


Why not let Google filter your spam?

I’ve been running Spamassassin and Postgrey on my mail server for the past few months. It was only since the server was upgraded that I had enough juice to run the very intensive SA processes (even using spamd), but still on occasion the server would grind to a stop when […]


Introducing Ms. Dewey

Ms. Dewey is the attractive front end of Microsoft Search. She’s entertaining and comments on search items and does her own thing if you leave her alone for a minute or two! Search for President Bush or even gmail for some great stuff! If the search for Yo Mama doesn’t […]

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