New design! It takes a little …

New design! It takes a little longer to load but I think it’s nicer on the eye. Not sure about having all those links at the side. Same for the guest book. Seemed like a good idea at the time but now I’m not so sure. Use the guestbook to tell me if it sucks please! 🙂
Two more exams to go. I’ll be finished on the 10th. Due to a cock-up by my college they’ll go on longer than I thought 🙁 Once they’re over I have plans for more stuff here so make sure you come back often!
Have a look at the quizlet to the right. If anyone has suggestions for questions and suitable answers please mail me or drop me a note in the guestbook.
I seem to be getting a number of hits every day which is very gratifying in itself, but why not make your mark felt on the page by adding an entry to the guest book? It’s quite simple and the guest book is on this page..
A big thank you to Jer at the PC Demo Fanclub from whom I borrowed some HTML ideas and found the link to the quizlet!

3 thoughts on “New design! It takes a little …

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