Well I got a copy last night and played a few hours of single player and not much of the multi-player.

Single player has some impressive moments but in general it has a very cheap feel to it. Explosions are not what you expect from a fps these days and it actually reminded me of playing a very old shooter before the days of consoles. I thought with Dice involved we would have seen some nice destruction like we see in BC2, nah no where near it.

Another thing, my PS3 struggled to keep up with the graphics, sound kept dipping in & out and there was some lad (on single player too). It could be just my console because we have an Xbox here and there was no signs of those issues.

As for multi-player, I don’t like it but there again its early days for me. Games are approx 7 minutes long with lots of kill, die, kill with no real structure in the battle. There again this because I was probably a newbie and it could be down to the game mode I was playing. I really cant see me spending much time playing the multi-player, it just didn’t give me excitement that COD or BC2 did.

I try and write up a review of it but the above is my first impressions.