Your Preferred Youtube Video Resolution?

If you have a super fast Internet connection you probably watch all your Youtube videos at their maximum resolution. Most gaming videos are uploaded at 720p which looks absolutely stunning but:

  1. My connection is either not fast enough
  2. Youtube might be throttled by my ISP
  3. Flash performance in Linux sucks
  4. Streaming videos over wifi in my house sucks

So I rarely watch videos in 720p. I know, I know. Sorry David and all you other commentators who spend hours rendering videos in high resolution. Even watching a video in 360p can be a challenge sometimes.

Watching videos on the iPad Youtube app is a lesson in patience. By default it picks a high quality setting and can’t be changed. If I view the video in Safari I can unclick the HQ button, but I think it changes the video quality to 240p as the quality is really bad.

So, what video resolution do you watch Youtube videos in? On a related note, what resolution do you watch VideoPress videos in? I find they can sometimes stream a lot better …

0 thoughts on “Your Preferred Youtube Video Resolution?

  1. 720p for me if I care about the video quality, 1080p if I had faster Internet.

    For just wanting to quickly watch a video, then I use 480p.

  2. 1080p all the time. I have the computer and the Internet speed for it, plus I found a nice little extension for Chrome that automatically makes all videos play in 1080p (or whatever their highest quality is) when I go to the page.

    1. I installed a Chrome extension to download Youtube videos and tried saving a video at 720p. It was 266MB and by the time it got to 42MB it had completely stalled. It took about 10 minutes to get to 42MB too and it was going to take 4 hours to get the rest, for a 9 minute video…

      After going through an ssh proxy it downloaded in about 7 minutes! 🙂

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