Haven’t work yet. So here I am putting details of everything:
–Virtual host with an IP dedicated; backend is directadmin;
–A couple websites in the virtual host and domain.com was set default site, where wordpress 3.0 installed;
–Subdomain was chosen, and wildcard was set in the dns of domain.com;
–Plugin was installed followed below instructions:
1. Copy sunrise.php into wp-content/. No sunrise.php there.
2. In WordPress 3.0, create wp-content/mu-plugins folder.
3. Copy domain_mapping.php into wp-content/mu-plugins/.
4. Paste define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ ); into wp-config.php.
5. As a “super admin”, visit Super Admin->Domain Mapping to create the domain mapping database table and set the server IP address or a domain to point CNAME records at.
6. Definition of COOKIE_DOMAIN in your wp-config.php not found.
–Configuration doesn’t matter I think, I have tried many options of different configurations;
–test.domain.com was created successfully;
–test.com dns was set one Aname to the dedicated IP; no other settings for test.com dns;
–at backend of wordpress, test.com was set primary domain of test.domain.com;
–visit test.com I got http://domain.com/wp-signup.php?new=test.com
Which likes the same problem of below link describes, I am not sure whether it is same problem or not;
as its solution I checked wp-config.php, which has been modified successfully, but it still doesn’t work;
Above is what I have done, hope info is enough;
Meanwhile in the official instruction mentioned cpanel setting, which as my understanding we should park test.com to domain.com in cpanel, since I am using directadmin, I use domain pointer to point test.com to domain, still doesn’t work;
Thanks for your time and if any info need I can add later.