Bad Company 2 Onslaught of Death

I played a few games of Onslaught after work there. On easy difficulty level because I want a nice gentle introduction to the mode. First of all on Isla I joined 3 others and completed it in about 8 minutes. Worked out well and yes, it was easy.

Then Mike got online and I set up a private match. We played Atacama Desert and there are a lot of vehicles on this level! We got into the Hind which was a bad mistake. Didn’t last long and had to contend with 2 or 3 tanks on the first flag without armour. Luckily I was an engineer, took out one with an RPG and another with my repair tool. Mike respawned as an assault class to supply us with ammo.

The enemy hinds are really annoying! Luckily they’re pretty dumb too. They’ll hover overhead after bombing us so it’s an easy kill with the RPG. On to the last base where we took out a few tanks, rolled in there, rolled out to repair and in again and sat on the flag until the game ended.

Final score? I got 79 kills, Mike got 96. Both of us died 3 times. One of those deaths for both of us was changing class. Me from assault to engineer, and Mike from medic to assault. In retrospect we should have just looked for appropriate kits from fallen enemies but we did have 2 tanks breathing down our throats! Besides, what a KDR! 🙂

Once the sheen wears off I can see myself playing Onslaught mode when I’m too tired to go up against human players. On easy difficulty the enemy will fall with just a few rounds from a UMP, without magnum ammo.

The aim of the game is to complete it with the best time. Mike and myself finished in Atacama Desert in 23 minutes which we’ll probably destroy in the coming days. There’s a leaderboard made up from your friendslist and I see Geoff and Gary completed it in 9 minutes. So, plenty of room for improvement.

Oh yes, to repeat something that was said in a video below, the best squad needs one or two engineers, and assault guys, and probably a medic too. Medic isn’t so important as you have infinite tickets but if all the team die it’s game over. I don’t think there’s any point in a recon player in Onslaught is there?

So, is Onslaught worth getting? Hell yeah. It should have been included in the original game as it uses much the same assets as the regular multiplayer game. It wasn’t, and EA have spotted an opportunity to make more money. Suck it up and buy it. It’s fun.

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      1. You said this in the post above: “Oh yes, to repeat something that was said in a video below, the best squad needs one or two engineers”

      2. Yeah, should have linked to it! Ooops, actually. I’m not sure I even posted that video in the post. Must take a quick look in a min.

  1. Ya I played a few games of Onslaught on hard and it was exactly that. We took nelson bay with 4 people fairly handedly but Isla was a nightmare as we had only 3 people. A chopper came on the first flag and messed us up!

    1. Hard difficulty is much better! I tried to find a game on normal difficulty but there weren’t any at this time of night. I joined a hard difficulty game on Atacama Desert and some whiney teenager was going on and on about flying the helicopter. I got kicked out of that game after only a few minutes unfortunately.

      1. Ya I also tried normal and there were no games available. I was playing with a clan mate and we were the only 2 left on hardcore on Atacama so we started sniping each other and both got kicker for team kills hahaha. It took 3 or 4 though

      2. Hmm, I’m sure I team killed in that hard game. Well, the player got in my way, what can I say? Maybe that’s why I got kicked!

  2. Easy is too easy. I played a few games with Mike and Conor and we tore through the defenses, improving our score all the time, but dare I say it, it got a bit boring?

    I wanted to play Nelson Bay after the other two logged out. I joined a laggy game where my shots kicked up blood and everything but didn’t kill. I poured a whole clip into one guy and he didn’t die! Then I rubber banded about 3-4m around the place. I joined another game which was much better, and beat Nelson Bay and beat it at just over 8 minutes.

    Easy difficulty is a challenge if you’ve only got two players but I’m going to try the other difficulties next.

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