Bad Company 2 Onslaught Gameplay

Gameplay video by 6Larinro9 showing Bad Company 2 Onslaught on Isla Inocentes. Looks like it’s set at dusk and you have to capture the flag in each base. Looks great!

And this is what it looks like on Nelson Bay! Oooh, sunlight!

Valparaiso at night.

Atacama Desert, low light, perhaps at dusk.

The guys at Reddit are playing it too but one person has had serious problems with assault rifles unfortunately.

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Onslaught Gameplay

  1. I almost forgot to say, if you’re buying this DLC buy your PSN points elsewhere. You can buy a 20 quid card for 17.99 here and elsewhere. I bought my Xbox Live subscription there and it was much cheaper than going to Microsoft.

    Must email them to ask if they can be used in the Eurozone as well.

  2. Points gained in onslaught will not count in the main multiplayer, which I think is to stop people padding their scores and increasing their KDR (balls, I was hoping to do that myself). I think that will take away from the experience for many.

    1. Got stuck in a team with two guys who talked constantly about exams they were taking, only a few tips from them and only in relation to their playing. KDR has dropped to .95 and skill limit has dropped waaaay down to 95.

      1. OUCH! That was last night? You’ll be joining rush first then next time we’re playing! 🙂

        I’m getting a refund for the UK PSN card. Wasn’t sure I’d get that as it’s a one time use card and but I presume the refund will come through after they sell that code again.

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