The MU forums are moving

The MU forums will shortly be closing up shop. WordPress 3.0 integrated everything that MU always did so it’s better to consolidate the forums too. There’s a MultiSite forum on WordPress.org and any queries about upgrading or problems using WordPress 3.0 should go there. The old forums aren’t going anywhere […]


WordPress 3.0 Domain Mapping 0.5.2

I’ve just released WordPress Domain Mapping 0.5.2. This plugin allows you to map any domain on to your WordPress 3.0 or WordPress MU website. New in this release: WordPress 3.0 support. Added “domains” page for superadmin to add domains to any blog. The user’s domains page can be disabled by […]


WordPress MU

one dot one dot one dot one dot dot dot…. Yes, last week’s release of WordPress MU wasn’t to be the last one. This is. Really. WordPress MU fixes #1193 and #1195, two annoying but one liner bugs that crept into the last release. This is also a security […]

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