all u bitches who oppose drugs – think of it this way. nicotine, alcohol, and weed are drugs. me, for one, would give up my left nut to legalize weed. coke on the other hand is different. i’ll do coke 24/7 if i could. im not addicted. i’ve been offered the shit many times and passed on it. then again, i’ve smoked the shit, snorted, seen ppl shoot it up, etc. it all depends on the user. you can have 2 completely different people from 2 completely different regions, who’ve tried the shit, smoked/snorted the same amount of shit, and have 2 completely different views.

here’s what i say – if you dont do it, shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what other people do. you are fucking pathetic if you think every single drug is addictive. look at it this way. IF UR A DRUNK, UR AN ADDICT. IF U SMOKE CIGS, UR AN ADDICT. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH U INTAKE.

here’s an example. ur a cop. ppl fucking hate cops. some ppl will kill a cop if they had the chance, yet many many many ppl become cops and ppl dont say shit. ppl who wake up at 6 in the morning to drink a fucking beer hate cops. ppl who smoke weed, smoke crack, go to church, work in a lawyers office hate cops. and yet ppl still become cops. sometimes they let it be known. more times than not they shut the fuck up and mind their own business and when shit goes down, they shut the fuck up and go along with it.

same with coke/crack/crank/weed. you’d be surprised at the amount of ppl who do these drugs and still live a fucking decent, wealthy life. all u fucking pussies who’ve never tried the shit have a mindset that “this drug is bad. its a GATEWAY drug.” FUCK THAT. if some one seriously said that to me, i’d pimpslap them in the fucking face and prostitute them. if weed and coke ARE gateway drugs, then wat are cigs and alcohol? bricks in the road to failure?