Sweetheart i did and your very ignorant…..iv been smoking weed since age 6. I grow weed for a living and guess what? Im happy! Im intelligent im not suffering short term memory loss….the only thing that hurts me is close minded people like yourself. Im 16….im from humboldt county…..google that and youll have a slightly better understanding but i do agree that all of tbose chem drugs are ruining our countdy and alcohol is the worst! Do you drink? Smoke cigs? Well guess what im healthier smoking weed than cigs! And mushrooms totally aligned my spiritual life force with the earth feel free to judge me because i wont judge you…..but in alm honesty i beleive everyone should experience the peace and serenity meditating on mushrooms has to offer…..keep up your one sided thougbt process……but from my point of veiw i truly pity you for the fact a 16 year old child such as myself has more wisdom than it seems you could hope to accomplish…..life is more than it seems….i hope all of you can really grasp something out of my shpeal…..but from past experience s i only am criticized because the vast majority of our population is on a superficial wave link……well happy trails freinds:)