No matter what you say or how you look at it… there`s drugs everywhere whether it`s a cup of coffee or a drink at the pub.
The word (DRUGS) kind of almost sounds scary even lets say for example (MEDICINE) which in itself is another term for drugs,drugs that help us get better,that are tested and produced in the highest standards by pharmacutical companies worldwide for over the counter or presription by a health care professional. These Drugs along with the ones we don`t even notice depending on your country are being sold and taxed with money for the government`s pockets of coarse to be used for what we hope is necessary but ooh they get so furious when there is so much more activity-illegal drugs which we can`t make any money from which are tearing lives apart… Think about it…… most of these lives torn apart may have allready been torn apart and they need an escape… just like nearly any kind of drug there is a positive and negative reaction in certain situations,lets say the drug is wearing off,you need more money to support your habit/addiction,you resort to desperation to keep yourself in some situations just on the level (normal) so in effect if you might reach a stage where you`ve figured out a differant aproach to your situation and had it have worked you would be back to normal without a bloodthirsty monkey on your back if it had ever reached such a stage.
Recreational drug use can be as fun as doing something really fun or 🙂 make it more fun. In conclusion – go ahead have fun if you use drugs to do so be responsible and don`t do it because you might think you`ll be viewed as cool,myself I view anyone or friend who turns down an offer and doesn`t want to have anything to do with drugs with a good feeling because it`s their choice and they`ve made it… Guns don`t kill people and in a sence neither do drugs.
Wait… I know what you`re thinking and I think that`s kind of lame too guns/drugs… What if you buy a shite gun and it backfires or your child finds it and accidentally blows your head off plus what if you took drugs and overdosed or chose to take a drug that you happen to be allergic to… Who knows…