Pat Kenny's bust up on the The Late Late Show

It seems that Pat Kenny was confronted on the Late Late Show last night and the video has already made it onto YouTube! I heard on the radio this morning that the man is in custody. Well done to Pat for coming back from the ad break composed and ready to carry on the show. I didn’t see the show myself, I was channel surfing elsewhere (Escape From Alcatraz was on which was interesting since I’d been there!)

For those not familiar with The Late Late Show, think of the host of the most popular chat show in your country being confronted by a drunken man shouting obscenities!

Thanks Donal for posting the video, that _was_ quick!

Update – The man who caused the controversy is Paul Stokes who has patented a system that uses GPS as a road safety aid. It helps stop cars crashing by tracking every vehicle on the roads and Mr. Stokes asserts the RTE and the Irish media are censoring him.

7 thoughts on “Pat Kenny's bust up on the The Late Late Show

  1. Cheers, was just heading to bed after watching the highly entertaining (for once) Late Late and I got this link on email from a buddy. It was crying out to be posted! There has to be more background behind why this guy did it though.

  2. To be fair, I would recommend attending The Late Late Show before siding with our esteemed national news agency. I found it to be quite a different experience in person. The impact of Hunter S. Thompson’s ideas on journalism have certainly been underestimated.

  3. Yer man is right Pat Kenny is a piece of shit, he was well wasted and sounds like a complete asshole but still I hate Pat Kenny.

  4. dear pat
    im in big trouble i cant get the cup cake maker for my daughter caitlin anywhere its all sold out and she wants it of santa i was wondering is there any way you could help me i seen you had it on the toy show please can you see what you can do for me caitlin is only 5 and i dont know what else i can do
    louise o leary

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