Cocaine is a huge business for our government here in the United States. Did you know wall street asked the FARK to invest their drug money into wall street and they would leave them alone? When the FARK said no suddenly the FARK became known as narco-terrorists. Do you think there is a coincidence that when we invaded Afghanistan it happened to be harvest time for the poppy farms?
When we were in Vietnam, there are documents of heroin being shipped home on military planes, sometimes in body bags. I know you are still thinking this chick is a conspiracy wacko!! Have you heard of freeway Ricky Ross? He was recruited by the CIA in Watts to sell crack to the neighborhood. That is documented and you can watch a great documentary called the American Drug War. Please people the war on drugs is a war on our freedoms. Look at the prison industrial complex that has sprung up since war was declared on “drugs”. Imagine the black men who would have been able to be fathers had they been given the same sentence for crack as a person with more cocaine would have gotten much less. Alot of work has to be done in the justice system, I wish we all could step up and work toward a brighter future.
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