I moved recently and I was going to cancellsky as there is not a great on now days only fringe and new stargate which is not to bad.
when I said to them at sky I was not having it of corse they changed my mind as it was only £30 and then I could take it out and put a fre HD box on the sat.
the Engineer put phone lead in set it up then pulled phone line out said if its in the way dony bother unless you want to order a film.
I have moved about 4 times in the last 15 odd years and all of them I havent keept the phone line in,
and I am sure there is a package sky do where you dont have phone as there are people all over spain france, and my mum lives in North Cyprus and she only has mobile and no land lines there I kmow they only have the sport channel but her husbands brother a few miles away so I am there are ways around it its just who you know.