I want a free house

Cork student Shane Murphy is running iwantafreehouse.com and selling advertising on his homepage in €100 blocks. Unfortunately, it looks like the site is struggling under the load of a free plug on Today FM but I’m sure they’ll sort that out later. He’s also running a simple blog on there so be sure to check back there for updates!

Heh. If I had thought of it I would have tried it when I was a student, but it probably wouldn’t have been such a success 10 years ago..

18 thoughts on “I want a free house

    1. There is so many foreclosures houses out there why not give them to workin class people who just want a home to call their own there just sittin there.we give to public aid section 8.and every other thing the goverment president who ever want us to give our taxes to, help us get into these houses there just sittin there not all of us have that 10thousand dollar down payment.but we can pay that 850, a month.

  1. In online terms nothing to write home about, however offline the “student” and “cork” keywords will permit a small article in the examiner, with the mandatory photo of someone, probably the subject, holding a laptop near a landmark, topped with a cliche headline. now excuse me while I rush to register iwantafreehorse.com and iwantafreehouse.ie, to catch the typo traffic arising from the afordementioned examiner article

  2. The phrase should be more like “I Want A Free Home”. The word Home has such a more homey feeling. hehehe.

  3. i want a free house and car but i dont have money i am a poor nigeria who wants to go to school but no money i believe that education is the key to success please help me to go to school and own my house and car. thanks +23480684—- my number

  4. hello sir i need your help i have no my own house
    if any one can healp so i will very great full to him/her
    olz help me can u give me one house in free
    plz help me my no is +91 ———

  5. Hello I have a wife and a baby and I cant get money for a house or down payment I need help, I work but is difficult SO all I need is a good help with down payment.
    Thank you

  6. Everyone has a story mine is simple my husband wanted a divorce after amost 30 years of marriage we have 4 children 2 left at home with me and we need a house to call home.
    I feel like I am letting my kids down not being able to give them a safe place that they can call home.

  7. Get off your lazy fat asses and get a job then you’ll be able to afford a house for you and your family.. Houses Just Dont Come For Free!! Did your parents get a house for free? No, did your grandparents get their house for free? No, so why on earth should you expect to get one? ( single parents/unfit to work/benefit recipients not included) if you do have a family then shame on you for being too lazy to provide for them adequately, maybe you should consider adopting your children to people who have jobs and can put a roof over their heads.

  8. my mum lives in council house in beautifull area , my mum and dad lived there and were very happy,untill my dad died 4 yrs ago, mum and me miss him terribly , he was a wonderfull man, very kind talented but very poor , we want to buy mums house but we havent got a clue mums a pensioner and im on low earnings has anyone got any ideas please how to get a mortgage thank you for looking

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