I had sky and moved to sky+. When sky came they asked me did I have a phoneline and I said yes and they installed it fine. Then when the installer went I left the phoneline connected to the Sky+ and they did not contact me after that. But that they sent a letter saying that I would be charged €1, but that is not much. But they said that I can use Remote need to connect to a phoneline but I had had a sky digibox and was connected to the phoneline and the min the installer had left I pluged out the phoneline until I got sky+ there had been No letters from sky about phonelines ever since. But they told me to keep the Sky digibox for multiroom so I would not have to buy another Sky Digibox and now I have just Sky+ and don’t know If I should get Multiroom as I can record 2 things at once. I went online at http://www.sky.com and registered My Sky for Remote Record and it said that they could not see if I had Sky in my house and now I am going to phone sky about that. I am being posted lots of magazines from sky and I don’t really read them. I am getting advertisements from sky about sky+ when I have it. Does Anyone know how to stop this, but still have Sky+?