The Glorious Twelfth

Tim and Naomi of the Irish Passport Podcast visited Northern Ireland in July to experience the marching season in all it’s “glory” for their latest episode. It’s a great episode, showing the stark contrast between the neighbourly and friendly people they met during the day on the 11th, and the […]


Samy is my Hero

I started listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast after Matt Mullenweg was interviewed by him and I’ve been hooked since. Tim’s interview with Samy Kamkar is really interesting as he’s the guy who launched the Samy computer worm that infected MySpace back in 2005. It was a little chunk of […]


Creating narratives to stay sane

One of my favourite podcasts is You are not so smart and the Halo effect episode last month brings together parts of David McRaney’s books and previous shows in a very entertaining two and a half hours plus. Frankly, the halo effect scares the hell out of me. It’s impossible […]


Step back into the past on the Irish Mail train

Following on from the time travelling theme in my Back to the Future post comes this documentary about the Irish Mail route from London to Dublin that operated from 1848. The documentary was originally broadcast in 1954. It has this lovely old fashioned feel to it. It’s amazing that it […]


I bought an app: Podkicker Pro

I use the free version of Podkicker, a free podcast player for Android every day so when I saw there was a pro version I immediately bought it. It has a vastly different UI and it somehow detected my original Podkicker subscriptions (I presume from the cloud?) but did not […]


Gaming podcasts

I like listening to podcasts when I’m out walking. Gamers With Jobs is a particularly good gaming podcast that I found via the Brainy Gamer blog. There’s also The Gamer’s Craic which hasn’t been updated in over half a year but remains one of the best gaming podcasts ever (but […]


The Gamer’s Craic #3

Episode 3 of The Gamer’s Craic podcast is now live, with the “guest this time is NGT director and Hupit bod Gary, AKA Hypermole and also mole237 on YouTube.” David did a great job of editing it as always. Thanks Gary for coming on the show! It was a laugh […]


I’m listening to episode 2 of the The G…

I’m listening to episode 2 of the The Gamer’s Craic. TyeWebb (Youtube, Twitter) was our guest of honour and we talk about lots of stuff including dodgy ports of games, “pay to boost” in Bad Company 2 (I still disagree with David over that one) and there’s too much in […]


Cracking fun on The Gamer’s Craic

Well, David did a great job editing episode 1 of The Gamer’s Craic. It’s now available for all to listen to and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Our first guest is Mike, or mj_whittle as many of you know him as. David and myself have been playing Bad Company […]


The Gamer’s Craic

This is a new podcast David and myself will be hosting where we chat with a guest about gaming. The guest will be someone we know from the Battlefield community so it’ll have a bias towards that but we’re going to cover other topics too. If you’re on our friends […]

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