I’m listening to episode 2 of the The G…

I’m listening to episode 2 of the The Gamer’s Craic. TyeWebb (Youtube, Twitter) was our guest of honour and we talk about lots of stuff including dodgy ports of games, “pay to boost” in Bad Company 2 (I still disagree with David over that one) and there’s too much in there of me talking about old ASM coding on the C64. I’ll be covering $D012 in the next one.

Oh, hi Paul and Ron and Andrea, you get a mention too!

3 thoughts on “I’m listening to episode 2 of the The G…

  1. Great podcast as I said on the main site and as you for you, you lil techie I understood everyword haha..ermmm actually I didn’t but it sounded good anyways!!

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