Tips for tweaking Bad Company 2 (PC)

Playing games on consoles is so straight forward. Pop the CD into the machine and hit play. PCs are a bit more problematic. Bad Company 2 has many options for tuning and here’s a few I found this morning. I’ve found others and I’ll add them to this post when I find them again! 🙂

  1. Reddit
  2. Gamers Underground
  3. More Reddit
  4. geforce tips for BC2

4 thoughts on “Tips for tweaking Bad Company 2 (PC)

  1. Everyone keeps mentioning turning off bloom, I guess I’ll give that go since that seems to be the dogma. I’m still messing around with settings every time I play, in a matter of a few days I’ve become some sort of frame rate whore.

  2. I think to get stutter free gaming I need to go to 1280×800 with everything low or some medium. Anything higher and it jumps a small bit.

    Dan – what’s your steam username? I’m docaoimh there!

  3. This might be obvious to others but it wasn’t too me, if you go into settings.ini and change things you need to then change the file to ‘read only’ otherwise all your changes will get wiped by the game when it next loads up.

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