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  1. I think we played 3 games. 1 deathmatch and 2 domination. Network meter showed 2 bars which might go some way to explain one or two of my deaths.

    The deathmatch game was on Overgrown which was the first time I played that map. Not bad, a lot of sniping.
    The domination games were strange – I somehow came out with the “most captures” title. I think I captured 2 flags and attempted to capture them more often but was killed.

  2. I only had 2 bars on the network meter (playing with guys in work in the US) and I noticed my mic stopped working in-game. I hadn’t noticed that before.

    1. Ahhh damn, I did message you. I was in a domination and respawn dead, respawn dead so as soon as it finished I left lobby. As I did, did I see your name? Were we in the same match ?

      If we were sorry I didn’t ignore you on purpose was just frustrated in respawning in the same place with somone sniping it….

      1. Yup, I joined your game after playing the games I mentioned above. I think I said hello but I don’t know if you heard or not. You left after that and so did I because I was exhausted.

        Getting back to MW2 is really difficult after weeks playing BC2. It took a few games for my fingers to adjust to the faster pace. I have sensitivity set at 3 and it felt very fast!

        David would be happy though, I experienced the auto aim for the first time. On Overgrown an enemy dashed past me and my cursor followed him before bouncing back. Dunno if it helped but I managed to kill him!

    1. That’s ok! The last game I played with you was on Scrapyard. I just logged into the Xbox to check for your message and found an odd audio message.. Must blog it later!

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