Free 7 day Xbox Live for MW2 Map buyers

I got a message this morning saying my Xbox Live subscription would be extended by 7 days on May 1st because I bought the Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack on Day 1.

So, let’s see, 34/52 is around 0.65 Euro. A tiny bonus but people will be singing their praises all day I bet!

Meanwhile, here’s a quad bike going airborne courtesy of Field Operative. Wow.

0 thoughts on “Free 7 day Xbox Live for MW2 Map buyers

    1. Haha, I knew I’d almost tempt you back to the dark side! I had a quick run through the levels in private games by myself and I liked Overgrown the most. I loved the river bed through the middle and just the general feel of the level.

      1. The original Overgrown map was much darker and moodier, with a nasty overcast sky. Thinking about it, most of the CoD4 maps had a really oppressive feel to them.

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