First of the RAW images I took over the weekend at Sherkin Island. Forgive the grain, this was shot at ISO 400 under difficult light and the gull was flying directly outside our hotel room! So far I’ve imported a few photos into the GIMP using UFraw and to be […]


Linux Raw Image Management

I’ve steered clear of RAW photography for some time. Maybe it’s the extra few steps required to get a finished product, or the very large file size, or just that “it’s not jpeg!” I changed the quality mode on my 20D to RAW this afternoon and was shocked when it […]


GIMP menus overhaul

GIMP menus are going to be reorganized! Finally, no more Script-Fu, or Python menus, only one “Filters” menu! What I’d love to see in the GIMP is a “My filters” menu where I could drag and drop frequently used menu functions. I’d drop Levels, Curves, Rotate, Scale and Unsharp to […]


Corpus Christi on Pana

Here’s a panoramic photo I assembled from 2 shots at the Corpus Christi Procession on Sunday. I created the photo with the help of Panoramic Stitch which I mentioned a few days ago. It did a very good job, especially when you consider the foreground. I can’t imagine what kind […]


GIMP Digital Camera Noise Filter

This filter is rather new (only announced last March) but some of the examples look good: before and after shots show a striking difference. Peter Heckert posted some instructions in this thread relating to usage so I may try it.


Saving files per drag-n-drop

When you close newer versions of the GIMP, a small dialog appears showing thumbnails of unsaved images. In the development version you can drag and drop those thumbnails to a “XDS” compatible file manager to save them! Unfortunately, neither Nautilus or Konqueror support that feature yet, but Rox-Filer does!

GIMP , Humour

Wilber on a coffee mug

Is it legal to display a GPLed image on a coffee mug? Wilber is the GIMP mascot and someone wants to sell mugs with his image on them.. Legal? Olivier Ripoll replied: Wilber logo is GPLed. So as long as you provide the source code of your mug and carve […]


GIMP: Layer Styles, Panoramas, and transparency

An email to the GIMP User List has a link to a Python layer style plugin. I haven’t tried it yet but an earlier plugin doesn’t work in GIMP 2.x anymore so I’ll try the “proof of concept” Python one. Stitch Panorama 0.9.2 was announced on the list too. Replies […]

GIMP , Photography

GIMP Lomo Plugin

mF posted a Lomo plugin for the GIMP. His example images on flickr look good but I haven’t been able to get the script to run in GIMP 2.0, will try in GIMP 2.2 tonight. script-fu: Error while executing (load “/home/donncha/.gimp-2.0/scripts/lomo2.scm”) ERROR: unbound variable (errobj script-fu-menu-register) GIMP: Plug-In “script-fu” (/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/script-fu) […]

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