WordPress.com stats for your own blog

Andy announced a new WordPress stats plugin that uses the polished WordPress.com traffic graphs on your own self-hosted WordPress blog. I’ve been testing it here for the past few months and it’s worked fine. I must download the new plugin and install it to see what other goodies Andy has added since.

Eventually I’ll get around to releasing my own referrers plugin, but as our newborn Adam is taking up so much of our time it might be a while before I get around to it!

13 thoughts on “WordPress.com stats for your own blog

  1. I have added stats to both my wordpress blog. I did that over twelve hours ago, and… nothing
    estat and bloglog have seen quite a few visitors, but stats has seen none.
    I am not convinced…

  2. Worked straight out of the box for me, though perhaps it’s not reporting as many hits as Google Analytics is…

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  4. I have the plugin installed and it’s working better than I expected. I love the fact that it uses none of your own server resources as everything is stored on WordPress.com server. It runs pretty fast too compared to other tracking services. It would be nice though if this service supports all time traffic counts (instead of just 30 days) for users to track the growth of the site.

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