Take a hint Mary Harney!

I’ve previously written at length about Mary Harney and my distaste for what she’s doing to the health service in Ireland so this image posted to Blogorrah made me smile.


There’s a general election on May 24th but I thought Harney would be retiring after her disgraceful stint as Minister for Health. It came as a shock that she’s actually standing in the election!

To see more of Mary Harney be sure to check out the cartoons on Langerland!



3 Replies to “Take a hint Mary Harney!”

  1. Mary Harney is the only chance to save the health care system in Ireland. I just heard her on Pat Kenny – I have never heard a person so on top of her brief..

    I know that there are a lot of fat cats out there who hate her and what she is trying to do..

    Fight the good fight Mary

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