Bad Company 2 Montage – Invaders Must Die

Gavin has just released his first Bad Company 2 montage video. It’s an impressive montage of sniper and tank action.

Unfortunately his site isn’t loading for me (something weird with my dns and his site) and I left a comment but it didn’t post. Honest Gavin! I did!

I loved his takedown of the helicopters, but the opening scene is a little too long. Great video nonetheless.

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Montage – Invaders Must Die

  1. hey thanks for posting this 🙂

    Still having issues with the site I see, who is your ISP and I’ll get onto my host to see if they know of any issues with them. Strange as that site is hosted in Dublin.

    I impressed myself with those helicopter take downs, didnt realise you could take one down with a single shot.

    1. I use vodafone, and even tried Open DNS and your site stopped working again this morning. Oddly enough, hasn’t resolved all day either. 🙁

      1. Thats very strange and as far as I know the server’s DNS is using Open DNS also. I’ll speak with the host and have them check it out.

      2. I removed Vodafone’s DNS settings completely and replaced them with OpenDNS and now your site loads fine, and so does which was troublesome too. I’m not too fond of using OpenDNS though so I’ll try to find an alternate DNS.

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