Kerry, Kerry, Kerry..

and in other news, Robert Fisk writes about an attack on wounded Iraqis by US helicopters.. Here’s the unreal, shocking video of the event.

“there’s a wounded one, get him”

2 thoughts on “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry..

  1. so you’re balancing out a “kerry’s bad but vote for him anyway” link with a “kerry sucks” link. hm. is fox news opening up an irish office?

    in other news, is now up and fact checking conservative tv, radio and print media. obviously they have plenty of content streaming in…

  2. I had this post classified under the “humour” category, but then Liam posted that Robert Fisk article on #linux and I added that. Didn’t seem right to make it humorous then.
    Yes, I’m too lazy to post twice!

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