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Sneem Sunset – 3 photo panorama

The picture above is a panorama made up of 3 hand-held shots taken in Sneem, Co. Kerry. Stitching them together in the GIMP was fairly easy – adjust colours and brightness, line them up using semi-transparent layers and then use a layer mask and a gradient to make the joins […]

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Levels Tool – white, black and grey to the rescue!

Everyone who’s done any processing of photos will know about the Auto button of their Colour Level tool. It’s something that probably appears in every decent photo manipulation application and it’s invaluable for correcting colour casts on photos. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work very well. The GIMP offers 3 buttons […]


Fun With The GIMP

Using the in bevel tutorial I created the following logo with the GIMP. Pretty eh? Several other tutorials there too, as on Deviant Art and here’s a tutorial for making A4 posters with the GIMP.

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Cartoonizing Photos With The GIMP

This is fun! After reading this tutorial on making cartoons from photos I tried to emulate his technique in the GIMP. The dialogs are slightly different but here’s what I did.. Layer->Duplicate Layer Select the new layer, Filters->Edge-Detect->Edge, select Sobel, Amount should be 2.0, and Black should be checked. Invert […]


Mac GIMP? Mac Crap?

You’ve probably already seen this review via the mention on slashdot but I couldn’t let it go by without commenting on it. In the usual Slashdot manner I haven’t read the article yet so I’m not going to defend the Mac version of the GIMP. All I’ll say is that […]


GIMP 2 in Video

Via the Gimp User mailing list, here’s some good tutorial videos showing off GIMP 2.0. I must really install GIMP 2.0 soon and play with it!

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Gimp Hits 2.0

I took one day off and Microsoft are fined (a not so huge amount in terms of their cash-pile, and there could be further ramifications for the Free Software movement.) the previous day, and GIMP 2.0 is released! I’d link to but that site’s down and out. Here’s the […]


Plug-In: User Filter – use Pho …

Plug-In: User Filter – use Photoshop filters in the GIMP. Here’s some filters that worked.If you try to compile the User Filter on Red Hat 8.0 (and maybe other modern distributions of Linux) you’ll probably get an error message in the file uf_file.cChange line 44 fromfpos_t ofs;tolong ofs;The program should […]

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