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mF posted a Lomo plugin for the GIMP. His example images on flickr look good but I haven’t been able to get the script to run in GIMP 2.0, will try in GIMP 2.2 tonight.

script-fu: Error while executing
(load “/home/donncha/.gimp-2.0/scripts/lomo2.scm”)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj script-fu-menu-register)

GIMP: Plug-In “script-fu”

attempted to install procedure “script_fu_lomo” in an invalid menu location.
Use either “<Toolbox>”, “<Image>”, “<Load>”, or “<Save>”

Update! Here is a GIMP Lomo plugin that works in GIMP 2.4!

11 thoughts on “GIMP Lomo Plugin

  1. Works in Gimp 2.2, yo. I must be using it on the wrong sort of pictures, though; it doesn’t look as Lomo as I was expecting.

  2. Just a hint on using the plugin, I developed it for Gimp 2.2, I’m not really sure what it involves to have it working on version 2.0 right now. Also to have a strong lomo effec use these settings: vignetting softness=1, Contrast=30, Saturation=30, Double Vignetting=TRUE. Cheers, mF

  3. Newbie here… How do I add the script into the folder? When I click the download link, it’s just text, so do I copy / paste it somewhere, or what? Thanks for helping me start understanding this stuff!

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