What does tgif stand for?

Silly me, I should have guessed this, but I didn’t know what TGIF stood for. Diamond on suggested, “Toes Go In First”, but that just confused me. Thankfully Google came to the rescue with the above link!
Moments later Kevin came up with the correct, “thank god it’s friday!” but then qualified his remark with, “well, not really, i’m an atheist. why would i thank some figment of mass hysteria about some arbitrary designation of time?”
Ann replied, “‘thank the anglo-saxons for the use of the phrase friday plus thank society for organising around a weekend’ just isn’t as catchy.’
Hmm.. I can’t repeat what Pron /msged me but the conversation degenerated quickly after that…

2 thoughts on “What does tgif stand for?

  1. <xeer> ok, what does the acronym TGIF stand for?
    <Stewie> thank god for crunchie
    <diamond> xeer: Toes Go In First
    <xeer> diamond: oh! *confused* better google for that then!
    <xeer> http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?String=exact&Acronym=tgif
    <kevin> xeer: thank god it’s friday.
    <xeer> kevin: yes, that makes more sense doesn’t it? 🙂
    <Stewie> so, right, who just got spammed by us, and replied with “optout.delete” ?
    <Stewie> they missed the “self.delete()”
    <Stewie> kevin, this is better.. Tactical Ground Intercept Facility
    <Stewie> or maybe Turfgrass Information File
    <kevin> xeer: well, not really, i’m an atheist. why would i thank some figment of mass hysteria about some arbitrary designation of time?
    <ann> kevin, because it is a nice short word
    <xeer> kevin: mind if I quote you on that? 😉
    <kevin> ann: god or friday?
    <ann> kevin, god
    <Stewie> kevin, use goodness instead?
    <ann> ‘thank the anglo-saxons for the use of the phrase friday plus thank sociewty for organising around a weekend’ just isn’t as catch
    <ann> catchy even
    <ann> or thank graham
    <Stewie> kevin, thankee kindlee
    <kevin> ann: true. “the fates” sounds more dramatic and storied though. plus there’s that whole xena tie in thanks to pop culture. kiwi’s bursting out of leather corsets – woo-hoo!
    <ann> kevin, the fates is as bad a superstition
    <kevin> xeer: sure, why not?
    <ann> and worse depending on context
    * ann never understands abandoning one god just to pick another deity/supernatural
    <kevin> ann: ah yes, but clearly a superstition.
    <ann> kevin, not for some ppl
    <ann> you thank gord?
    <kevin> ann: people still worship zeus?
    <Stewie> ann, not until he gets DSL from gord
    <xeer> ok, for all you atheists, and God fearing people.. http://blogs.linux.ie/xeer/archives/p/89491001/more/1/c/1/Humour-What_does_tgif_stand_for
    <xeer> I expect that’ll be found by similarly confused people all over the world in a few days. 🙂
    <ann> kevin, i think they’ve been hijacked
    <Stewie> kevin, apollo is much better than zeus
    * ann does wonder why Toes Go In First needed to be acronmym’d
    <firebird> There’s still one version missing…
    <kevin> ann: maybe people were being put in head first because they didn’t have enough time to read the “Toes Go In First” sign?
    <kae> thank date(‘l’) it’s Friday
    <chronos> speaking of friday, Im off home
    <Stewie> firebird, hurray for boobies?
    <ann> kevin, wouldn’t No Diving be shorter?
    <chronos> happy trails
    — chronos is now known as goneos
    <firebird> Stewie: That’d be hfb, not tgif…
    <kevin> ann: oh, i thought this related to morgues.
    <Stewie> firebird, curses.. I knew my english teacher was incompetent..
    * ann was thinking swimming pools
    <Stewie> kevin, maybe people kept walking backwards?
    <ann> um
    <ann> it could be about putting on shoes?
    <Nargler> think I’ve seen something like that for waterslides
    <kevin> ann: ok, i’m not sure people who don’t know tgif when putting on shoes should be allowed out of whatever institution that is caring for them.
    <kae> Stewie – “Tits Go In Front”
    <Stewie> kae, yes.. I know
    <Stewie> I’m not completely blonde you know
    <kae> terminal, though
    <pron> there’s a bald spot ..
    <Nargler> terminal goes in front
    <Stewie> pron, all the better to not have babies swing from
    <ann> kae, they tend not to be mobile
    <xeer> I used to think it had something to do with the header information in a certain lossless graphic file format. Could have sworn seeing that in a hex editor once..
    <kae> Toplap Goes In Front
    <Stewie> xeer, tagged gif?
    <Stewie> or something in tiff?
    <kae> gagged Tiff?
    <Nargler> tgif goes in front :]
    <ann> nooooooo!
    <xeer> *sigh* what have I started.
    <kae> recursive acronym – nice
    * Stewie sets a hird on Nargler
    <xeer> I really should copy/paste this into a comment to that post 😉
    <ann> kevin, why would it matter which way arond a corpse was stored?
    <ann> don’t they have labels attached to feet anyway or is that just in cartoons?
    <kae> it’s easier to stick a label on a toe than a nose
    <kae> although I guess that depends on the size of the nostril
    <ann> so really, in the case of corpses tgil would be better?
    <Stewie> kae, would it not depend more on the size of the label?
    <Stewie> as in, you’d be hard pressed to stick an 8″ floppy label on either a toe or a nostril
    * ann was thinking luggage style ones with a loop
    <kae> well, both, maybe – with a crochet needle, I guess the string of the label could be passed up one nostril and down the other
    <xeer> Stewie: I’ll quote the rest 😉

  2. Ironically, I found your website while searching for the term! Thanks for the information. Now I know how I should “react” when my colleagues type the word TGIF in their MSN message to me…


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