My fragmented personality

I realised I haven’t updated in a week, yet I have. I’m Donncha on the following social webs:

  1. – Yay, the best blogging site, of course.
  2. – everyone’s on there, and so am I.
  3. – oh so exclusive membership. Love the threaded comments.
  4. Friendfeed – everything gathered here.
  5. Plurk – the new boy. Looks a bit wacky. I think I like it, except the smilies.

3 thoughts on “My fragmented personality

  1. I blog on the first one,
    am stalked on the second, 😉
    have heard of the third , but
    the last two are like japanese to me!

    Hello Adam’s dad1

  2. Hello Grannymar! Thank you for dropping by, this place is like a ghost town I update it so infrequently. Too busy with work and life, the usual excuse.

    “Must try harder!”

    Oh, and I forgot Facebook, but that doesn’t count.

  3. ohh all the places we hide out on the internet eh.
    i half-wrote a post in a similar vein to this (only longer) for posting later in the week.

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