MW2 Strategy for Estate TDM (FAMAS)

Geoff show some tactics for Estate TDM on Modern Warfare 2 that I used last night and worked fairly well.

I had an interesting match as 99% of the time in Estate everyone seems to attack and defend in the large house but in this game 3 enemy holed up in one of the other buildings. A sniper even set himself upstairs in the attic too. He killed me the first time I stumbled in there but I came back, sneaked up on him and looked down at him for a few seconds before swiping my knife.

Should have used scavenger because I ran out of ammo shortly after, I use far too much of it sometimes. I also should have used my assault class with ninja pro instead of commando after I was killed by a heart beat sensor wielding m16.

It was a tough night, in another game on Rundown I came out top of my team with 13 kills, and 11 deaths. Needless to say we lost!

Oh yeah, if you invert the Y axis on your controller, watch out when you’re guiding the predator missile. The Y axis is inverted there too! After a few disastrous attempts I gave up and went back to the sentry gun. *sigh*

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  1. I hate inverted Y axis – unless it’s on a flying game. A friend of mine likes it which caused no end of problems when we decided to go through Bioshock – swapping the controller between us each time we got killed (which was many).

    1. LOL, that would be a pain! I know I use inverted controls probably because of how I played Quake back in the day with a mouse and keyboard. Could have sworn that the predator wasn’t like this before, I wonder if it’s a recent change from some patch.

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