Happy Modern Warfare 2 Day


November 10th is here and Modern Warfare 2 is finally out! Shops here in Ireland opened at midnight last night and I briefly thought about hopping down to the Gamestop in Blackpool. I didn’t, and I won’t buy it until I have my BarCamp Cork talk is done. That should ensure I have it written by tonight!

Anyway, the level of anticipation for this game reached astronomical levels. Ask anyone with a game console or PC games player and they’ll know about this game. I’m writing this to remind myself of the fact when the next big thing comes along! In five year’s time we’ll be laughing at how we were all swept up in the hype of the game.

So, did you queue last night at midnight to buy the game? Have you already finished it? I’m pretty sure it’ll take me a lot longer to finish than ShadowHearth reported in that thread above.

So its 6:24 and i beated game on veteran setting.

Loved it, in some places i whanted to cry… becouse of just being pwned like a little girl, and on athers places becouse of story…

Just loved it, going to try multiplayer now, untill mine misses wakes up and sees me still on pc… I will get killed.

6 thoughts on “Happy Modern Warfare 2 Day

  1. It is something else.. i started at midnight last night on veteran, and already it’s deathly hard… It warns you about 4 or 5 times when you select veteran that it’s going to be hard.. like.. REAAALLY hard. And then comes with a ‘Lower Difficulty’ menu item ingame πŸ™‚

    Havent had to use it just yet.

    1. I’ll be playing at normal difficulty. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to play it first at a harder level. I usually get to play games after about 9pm at night when reactions aren’t the best anyway (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!)

      1. I used to always do that too.. – Then realised that it’s actually quite enjoyable to play on a harder difficulty.. Though the training course did recommend ‘Hardened’ instead of Veteran for me.. at least it’s nice like that πŸ™‚

  2. I went into Gamestop yesterday evening and the guy behind the counter looks at me and says, “Let me guess. Modern Warfare 2?” I said, “No, I’m here for the new Batman game”

    Oh how we laughed πŸ™‚

    He worked in the Patrick’s Street store when it opened at midnight on Tuesday morning and he said there was a huge queue. The Wilton shop where I bought my copy opened at 8am and there was a good number of people there. The place was empty when I went in. No queues, in and out and off home.

    He said he was asked to go on the Joe Duffy Show (a talk show on national radio) to talk about the extreme violence but he told them to talk to his boss, and that the game has an 18 cert. You wouldn’t buy a horror movie for a young teenager would you?

    I did play it last night, at regular difficulty, and got killed a few times. Didn’t spend long at it though as I wasn’t feeling 100% and couldn’t concentrate with my headache..

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