My life through Google

  • A large part of my online income depends on Google Adsense.
  • I filter my email through gmail and since this morning I’m feeding a backup gmail account with a copy of every single email I get. Thanks Matt for that idea.
  • I use Google’s search engine to find solutions to my problems.
  • Like Tom and Matt I now read my feeds through Google Reader. Not being able to hit ‘S’ to go forward a feed still sucks but my workflow has changed to accommodate it.

It’s a bit scary how much I use we use Google.

PS. I’m testing a new WordPress plugin. It needs comments to work on, so please leave a comment! It’ll hopefully see the light of day tomorrow! 🙂

17 thoughts on “My life through Google

  1. Google is pretty useful though. I have a fairly low volume site but still manage to make a few Bob with Google Adsense. And if I ever have an idea for a site that generates a bit of traffic with Adsense it would pay for itself very quickly.

  2. I just hope Google don’t suddenly start charging for everything that we use. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

  3. The only thing that is begining to bother me about Google is their laissez-faire attitude towards privacy.

    Their new “View and manage your web history” terrifies me. Of course what I search for is already in a log file somewhere but I don’t like the idea of making it easily retrievable.

    Of course like most people I use the search engine every day. I have a gmail account of course but I wouldn’t use it for anything anyway sensitive.

    But along with Pete I would have concerns if they started charging for everything we use. I can’t see their search and apps business model expanding too much unless they start providing a google pro on subscription and a google light for those not willing to pay. Their income is largely dependant on advertising

    Of course they are already doing this with Sketch-up and Google Earth.

  4. Been using Google Reader for a while. Quite like the Trends feature which popped up a while back.

    So, what’s this new plugin huh?

  5. Take a peek at the code of this comment form. See that Javascript recording the referrer?

    It seems to work for some people, but not others. I’ll have to look at the logs tomorrow.

  6. I started using Google Reader. It looked sharp but I decided Bloglines still works better. But it’s been awhile. Maybe I should try it again. I am definitely a fan of Google.

  7. I use google reader pretty heavily, it actually has some pretty handy keyboard shortcuts if you check them out.
    Press ‘r’ to refresh your page, ‘n’ for next unread item, ‘s’ to star an item, ‘j’ and ‘k’ for up and down an item (vi-like).
    Loads more, just check out the help pages.

  8. Google is really useful for us! I have abandoned using other search engines in these 2 years. Recently when I searched for something, I found that I cannot search for what I wanted as it seems like the search results are the same in everyday. So now I begin using Yahoo for searching.

  9. Hi I was wondering how you were able to register for Google Adsense considering the form requires a zipcode to be typed in? I tried and it won’t accept my submission because of this problem.

  10. Brian, you’re probably choosing the wrong country or something. I’ve been using Adsense for years without trouble, and I know someone who signed up recently from Ireland; again, he had no trouble.

  11. Richard, Ive been told that I should type in 0000 for the zipcode as we don’t have them in Ireland. Okay.

    But the problem I’m having now is that when I choose “Ireland” as my country, the grey country box for address below won’t change to Ireland. As such the “County” drop down menu consists of American states. Is this relevant or should I just submit it anyway? I’m using Internet Explorer by the way.

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