Google Adsense joins the Google collective

Did anyone else get this email from Google Adsense?

They’re migrating their Adsense logins to regular Google ones which is a good and bad thing. It’s good because it’s a single sign on for Adsense, Gmail and whatever else you’re having, but it’s bad because Google know so much more about your activities. They even own Double Click now so imagine what else they may gleam about your browsing habits?

Another side effect of the migration is the “remember me” setting. Instead of having to login when the Adsense page times out, the login iframe will still be logged in. It’s slightly worrysome to be honest because the timeout was a useful feature on an application with commercially sensitive data. The only other Google service I use, Analytics, doesn’t auto login unless you bookmark and internal page so maybe I should unckeck the “remember me” box next time I login.

Oh, looks like this is old news. Why do they allow people to signup with a different email address if they’re just going to migrate them later on? I have this big long post written so I’m not going to scrap it just because it’s old hat stuff! 🙂

It also gives me an opportunity to ask if anyone would be interested in an ad click tracker with a built in Competitive ad filter manager?

Baby stuff? See Mother and baby on the street!

4 thoughts on “Google Adsense joins the Google collective

  1. I noticed Adsense is being included in the “general” google account, like many other google service (gmail, sitemaps, analytics, alert, groups etc.).

    Anyway for the moment my account doesn’t have the login iframe logged in (I mean I still need to login to adsense).

  2. It’s unlikely that they care all that much about the browsing habits of AdSense publishers; they’re hardly a large section of the Internet-using population.

  3. I see that you have Enrrens advertising on your site.
    They are a scam retailer from Indonesia. They just scammed me for 115 GBP and will not answer my emails. They were paid in full for the product (GPS) and did not send it.
    I thought you should know

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